Workshops and Special Classes

Throughout the year, the Yoga Institute presents special focus classes and workshops that give students an opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of their practice. The special topics presented complement the knowledge students’ gain from weekly classes.

Weekend Workshop with Mary Reilly

Friday, December 8, 2017 to Sunday, December 10, 2017


The Yoga Institute is delighted to welcome Mary Reilly back for another weekend of exciting and informative weekend. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to study with a Senior Iyengar Teacher.

To grow and mature in our yoga practice, we must learn to cultivate our awareness and inner sensitivity. It is through that sensitivity that we learn how to adjust body, breath, and mind in yoga postures so that consciousness flows evenly throughout our embodiment. Please join us at the Yoga Institute as we welcome Mary back to guide us through poses with a focus on bringing stability, lightness and depth to our practice.

Please note: 6 mos. or more yoga experience is recommended for this workshop.


Mary is well know for her devoted study of Iyengar yoga and for her encouraging teaching style. Mary's teaching lets her love of yoga shine through with enthusiasm as well as clarity and precision. Her goal is to help students unlock potential, overcome obstacles and learn ways to continue doing so in their own practice.

Teaching since 1982, Mary has been devoted to yoga and to the Iyengar tradition for over three decades. She has studied regularly at RIMYI in Pune, India and with the Iyengar family. Mary was certified at the Intermediate Senior II Level by B.K.S. Iyengar and directs North Woods Yoga Center in Petoskey, Michigan.